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REF# 028
2x8 Skid: 68" x 58"

Qty: 1 

Price: $75 ea.

Crate ID: 77" x 7" x 5"H

Qty: 2 
Price: $70 ea.

2x8 Skid with Rub Blocks
60" x 65"

Qty: 2 
Price: $55 ea.

Crate ID: 8" x 44.75" x 8"H (Plywood Deck)

Qty: 3

Price: $30 ea.

2x8 Skid 30" x 82"

Qty: 1

Price: $45 ea.

Crate ID: 65" x 40.5" x 25"H (Plywood Deck, 1/2" ply sides)

Qty: 6

Price: $280 ea.